Week 10: CJ (6-3) vs. Alter (6-3)


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The two storied rivals will square off Friday at Roger Glass Stadium with heavy seeding implications and more importantly bragging rights on the line. If I was a bookmaker, I’d say Alter would be a slight favorite but i think this one has potential to be a good one. What do you guys think?
This should be good game. CJ crushed Alter last year The Knights defense did not stop CJ on any drives all game. Hope they can learn something from this years McNick tape. Bad feeling think CJ takes it in a tight one. 21- 20
Good game. After seeing CJ play more impressed with McNick shutting them out 35-0. The turning point was in 2nd Q when Alter made goal line stand, then marched it 98 yards to take lead 14-7 at half. Alter had chance to put it away in 3rd qt when first 2 drives ended deep in CJ territory. One stop was a blocked chip shot field goal the other turn over on downs. CJ rebounded eventually tying score in 4th quarter. eating up the clock. Alter got ball back with 2:25 to go. Nice drive ending with 21 yard TD pass. CJ does not have any type of pass threat, In the end that will catch up with you playing good teams. Good luck to Eagles, think they will do some damage in the playoffs
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