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This present-day profile of mainstream-media journalists is not just an American problem but international, as Twitter owner Elon Musk found out in his interview with BBC reporter James Clayton.

The pair got onto the topic of censorship and hate speech on Twitter as Clayton noted Musk brought back controversial people previously banned and former Twitter employees have accused the platform of lacking moderation for “hate speech.”

“What hate speech are you talking about?” Musk promptly inquired. “I mean, you use Twitter. Do you see a rise in hate speech? Just a personal anecdote? I don’t.”

The CEO asked Clayton to give him one instance of hate speech he’d seen since Musk took over — but Clayton couldn’t provide one.

“You cannot give me a single example of hateful content, not even one tweet. And yet you claimed that hateful content was high. That is false, you just lied,” an annoyed Musk said.

“No, I claimed that there are many organizations that say that that kind of information is on the rise,” Clayton fumbled.

“The Strategic Dialogue Institute [Institute for Strategic Dialogue] in the UK they will say that.”

Musk continued to push back: “You literally said you experienced more hateful content and then couldn’t name a single example. That’s absurd!”
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It's not just the State Department. It's also the Pentagon. It's also the Department of Homeland Security. I think Americans would be really horrified to know how much of their taxpayer dollars have gone into not just helping launch some of these things, but also helping market, promote, and work with them. There is a reason why this censorship has been so effective. And it's not, you know, it's not any one thing but there are lots of these companies, organizations, for-profit companies, and federal government agencies that are working together. That's why, you know, in our lawsuit we were also joined with the state of Texas on some of these issues because it is so serious.
The democrats almost always vote as one and yes they are very anti first amendment. Occasionally Tulsi steaks out, but that is about it.
White Supremacist are in the republican party. You really must want to show how brainwashed you are I guess?
I went back and was reading old post and noticed this. Strange how occasionally Tusli spoke out and the result of that is she left the party.