Trackwrestling for Girls Rosters


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Just a heads up for everyone that the girls on your HS roster need to be entered on the boys HS roster for hydration. The state will then move the girls over to their own roster on December 1st. This is the email I got back from Dustin Ware the new Wrestling Admin for the Ohsaa:

"The coach’s login for the girls will be sent direct from Trackwrestling on Dec. 1st.

As the new Wrestling administrator, I have been relying on my conversations with Trackwrestling with regards to the dates previously used to send out the boys & girls login information.

For the 2022-23 season, I believe the login information was sent on Oct. 27 (boys) & Nov 25th (girls). The girls were entered on the boy’s roster first, and then copied over to the girls-only season on November 25th. Coaches and assessors were given access to the girl’s season on this date once the copy was finalized. After November 25th, it was the responsibility of the assessors to enter newly assessed girls into both seasons.

That said, it was expressed to me that the previous administrator (Tyler Brooks) was concerned with the number of girls that had yet to be assessed after the mass copy date…so we made the decision to move the girl’s login access back one week to allow more time to get girls on to their teams.
Anyone else not get their trackwrestling login on Dec.1?
This is what I posted on the Sectional Thread:
A quick update. The idea for sectionals is now up in the air. The Ohsaa is looking at other options than having 4 sectionals in each region. The OHSWCA is looking to have a meeting with Mr. Ware to push for the 4 sectional model.

Update on Trackwrestling: Some girls coaches got logins and others did not. So far the girls listed on the boys rosters have not been transferred over to their own rosters (or at least not all of them have).
I will update as I hear more.
I got immediate response from track where I stated nothing even remotely helpful for moving our roster out of boys. They forwarded email to Dustin Ware at OHSAA and are requesting a profile created with me as head coach so emailing track likely the fastest way to go.