State XC Top 10 Finishes

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Here is the 2023 list of active top 10 finishes at the state championship. I think this demonstrates “state” success rather than “regional” success of just advancing to state. A one-year slip and schools must start from scratch. This year, streaks by Granville girls (14), Beavercreek girls (7), and Hilliard Davidson boys (7) ended. Granville “was” the top DII girls streak and Beavercreek and Davidson were the second best streaks for DI girls and DI boys respectively.

One-half, 30 of the state’s 60 top 10 finishing teams across all divisions were top 10 in 2022. Over the 5 years I’ve kept track of top 10 finishes, this has been the average. Expect half of the teams listed below to be replaced in 2024. This shows that it does not always take state meet experience for an outstanding showing. It also shows that there are consistently great programs in each division.

Per usual, I must point out Minster girls. This was their 14th state title since 1982 and 24th consecutive top 10 finish.

Division 1 Boys active top 10 finishes Olentangy Orange=1, Perrysburg=1, Rocky River=1, Springboro=1, Medina=2, Toledo St. Francis=2, Dublin Coffman=3, Massillon Jackson=3, Mason=7, St. Xavier=15

Division 2 Boys active top 10 finishes Bay Village=1, Bexley=1, Field=1, Kenston=1, Madeira=1, Sheridan=1, Fairfield Union=2, Hawken=2, Marlington=4, Woodridge=9

Division 3 Boys active top 10 finishes Lincoln View=1, New Bremen=1, Seneca East=1, Tuscarawas Valley=1, Versailles=1, West Liberty Salem=1, Botkins=2, Maplewood=2, Columbus Grove=4, Mt. Gilead=8

Division 1 Girls active top 10 finishes Avon=1, Cleveland St. Joeseph=1, Olentangy Liberty=1, Rocky River=1, Wadsworth=1, Lakota West=2, Shaker Heights=4, Perrysburg=4, Mason=6, Hilliard Davidson=7

Division 2 Girls active top 10 finishes Athens=1, CVCA=1, Oakwood=1, Tallmadge=1,Ottawa Glandorf=2, Salem=3, Waynesville=4, Minerva=4,
Woodridge=5, Lexington=12

Division 3 Girls active top 10 finishes Fort Recovery=1, Grandview Heights=1, Huron=1, Maplewood=1, Rittman=1, Madeira=3, Liberty Center=6, Fort Loramie=7, West Liberty Salem=7, Minster=24
Woodridge boys have 1 team finish outside top 10 in 20 straight state appearances. 14th in 14. They have averaged 3.15.

Woodridge girls in 19 straight appearances have averaged 7.16. Top 10 16 out of 19 years.

My question is, are you maintaining the list and ranking the teams? Just because Granville starts over doesn't erase 14 straight.

Woodridge boys are 19 out of 20. What is Bay the last 20 years? Unioto? Lexington? $V$M girls?

Is there a ranking system you are going for over time or is this it? As of today these are the streaks period. ?
It is simply a "what have you done for me lately" at the state level. Or in Minster's case, what have you done for me over the past quarter century.

Everyone likes to pull out the "except" or ___ out of ___ years. Filling in the numbers that fit what they want. Woodridge is 19 of 20. Why didn't you list how many out of 50? 80? The 'active' strings are impressive because those with 4-5 or more have not missed a single year during that period and your example shows that even outstanding programs can have a year outside the top 10. Any 'active' streak of 4-5 or more is REALLY impressive to me.

Granville girls string of 14 was impressive. But they must start fresh. 14 of the past 15 years sounds pretty good but prior to their streak of 14, I don't think they ever had a previous top 10 finish, at least that I can find. And it appears they started a program in the early 80's so instead of 14 of 15, shouldn't we say 14 of 41? Due to every program starting streaks at different periods of time, I like only current active streaks.

And of course, what I like is meaningless. It is just something I threw together hopefully showing 'current' dominance at the state level without a single hiccup. I am not nearly as easily impressed with years "making it to state" since that is actually showing regional success. My intent is only to stir up discussion for the elite programs beyond 'making it to state'.