Ross Joining the SWBL and the SWOC is???

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Been hearing for a bit this was going to happen and I guess it was Official yesterday. Edgewood also joined. On the girls soccer side Ross was almost always #2 behind Little Miami, they left, Ross took over and now with Ross and Edgewood gone I can't imagine the SWOC holding on. Harrison seems like the serious odd man out with seemingly no place to go. Maybe the MVC will take them? I suppose the CHL is a possibility...

Maybe on the flip side they could take the bad schools from CHL and MVC, The whole grey side of the MVC could go to the SWOC, and CHL's Deer Park and Finneytown could jump ship too. Make both the MVC and CHL stronger. CHL should add maybe Batavia or Waynesville? Just thinking out loud here. Been thinking Ross should have joined the CHL along with Monroe for a while.
I agree with everything you said and while Waynesville has been strong lately will it continue beyond another 3 years? They have some great club talent now but I am not sure about their pipeline. - FYI I am not bashing them at all just historically I am not sure they have been strong.