Region 4 Semi-Finals: Elder(10-2) vs. Lakota West(12-0)

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No, however the OHSAA should at least try a Saturday doubleheader at Nippert. I think fans of all four schools would prefer that.
UC has a Friday night game
Doubt they want to try to turn it around Saturday for high school games


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No worries. I'm kind of a geek with some of the really old school buildings.... When I first saw Withrow and Walnut Hills in particular I wanted to know all I could about the history because their buildings' designs are so incredible and unique. Elder, Hughs, and Westwood Elementary are some of those buildings too. Anyways, I know Withrow opened in 1919, and the stadium opened a year or two after. And it was late thirties if my memory is correct when construction started on The Pit.

We have too much super cool history in Cincinnati. My favorite thing about Elder is evidence points to the back gates of Elder are the old gates to the George Remus mansion in Price Hill, who is definitely one of the most interesting people in history, and most have never heard of him.

Vincent and Regina

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Week 1 vs X
Week 2 vs Lakota East
Week 3 vs Sycamore
Week 4 vs Oak Hills
Week 5 vs Princeton
Week 6 vs Hamilton
Week 7 vs Mason
Week 8 vs Fairfield
Week 9 vs Middletown
Week 10 vs Colerain
Week 11 vs Lebanon
Week 12 vs Princeton
I didn’t say they weren’t good. They just don’t have a 5* like Brown.
Even without Brown, if your gameplan involves passing it, it'll be a long night. This year's secondary is arguably better than last years due to depth and high IQ (think their student Broadcast said every player in the secondary was a 30+ ACT guy).

The area Elder matches up best and has an advantage is smash mouth running the football. If Elder only has to pass it ~10 times to keep the defense honest with play action, then I'd expect a good result for Elder.

Not sure how Elder's D matches up with West. West's offense hasn't been as effective running the ball this year as in years past.


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Got to have too much security to go there. And they do not get enough volunteers for their own games let alone a playoff game.
For where, Withrow?

Again, they hosted a huge regional final few years back between LaSalle and Winton Woods and it went just fine, plenty of volunteers. There was no sense of danger at any point. And, it's not in a dangerous neighborhood by any means.

Withrow's fans aren't problematic either.
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