Ohio's version of "Hoosiers"

Which Ohio team most closely compares to the Milan team in "Hoosiers"?

  • 1934 & 1935 Waterloo Wonders

  • 1946 Farmer Tigers (the "Dirty Shirts")

  • 1949 Miller City Wildcats

  • 1992 Berlin Hiland

  • 2000 Fort Jennings

  • 2006 South Webster

  • 2008 New Knoxville

  • 2015 Defiance

  • 2018 Marion Local

  • Other

  • 1928 Marshall

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I don't think you remember them that well because I believe 4 of their starting 5 and 5 of the main 6 players were seniors.
Are you counting VanderHorst as one of the 6? He was a sophomore and Piehl was a junior and started for them at center.


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Small-ish town public beating a big city public with a Big Ten recruit and a big city private.
I get that....big win for sure.....but Defiance isn't a "small town" compared to the others in this post. . Defiance school district probably has more people than all of the other towns on this list combined lol

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I would not consider any private school! Small,1 stoplight towns only! The Perry Reese Hiland teams come to mind! What a great story!


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1996 and 2011 LaSalle, 'The little engine that could", dealing with schools that recruit all around us, and still navigating our way to 2 state championships!