Nick Saban Retiring

DeBoer saw how ttun beat Bama and trampled the Huskies. He wanted no part of the BIG and decided to go to the soft SEC. Man, that was fun to say, lol.
I would like to thinks so, but DeBoer sees a big payday plus a total package of facilities, cachet, and financial (NIL) backing that he would never see at Washington. That said, the man who follows the man, is usually doomed to fail. Maybe he will prove everybody wrong.
Is the sports agent Jimmy Sexton the real winner in the replacing Nick Saban sweepstakes? He represents DeBoer, plus Lanning and Sarkisian who got hefty raises and extensions to stay put. 10% of several multimillion dollar contracts adds up real money.

If Washington's head coach goes to Alabama I am not to excited what Washington might put in the transfer portal. Washington won the Joe Morrow Award for the best offensive line. With what Michigan did to the line, I am not so sure there is anyone worth looking at.
Sucks. Deboer was the guy I hoped would replace Day if Ryan ever left for the NFL. And it’s a double whammy because now we can’t count on Washington to be a yearly playoff contending program in the B1G.
Alas, oh contrary. Klatt and your boy Finebaum disagree. And we know Finebaum's opinion on Michigan

Again, your Bulldogs were neutered in their own State.

How's UGA Basketball doing?
I’m not a Georgia fan, so I have no idea how their basketball team is doing.
Not probably. UGA is 14-4, Michigan is 7-10. They are significantly better than Michigan. Take the L for your moronic take and stop deflecting.
I have some tidings of great joy. It appears that Mike White has learned to spell BASKETBALL. Massive defections on the UGA roster. And what is left is NINE scholarship players, ALL FIVE STARS! And the inclusion of two MORE in the offing for 2025. Move over Kentucky, cause there is a new sheriff in town.
Sad to see Saban go, but he’s probably pleased that one of his assistants (Kirby) became his equal, relatively speaking, and will carry on the Saban legacy for many years to come.
How is Kirby potentially doing the deed at UGA, carrying on ANYTHING regarding Satan? After ALL, Nicky won with KIRBY'S DEEfense!