Is it ever cool for a grown man to describe anything as "delish"?

Is it ever cool for a grown hetero man to describe anything as "delish"?

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I'm not mad. PVOR got me, for that he deserves props, but I still think he misinterpreted what I was originally saying. Normally I would just say what the underlying joke was about, but anything bad about said poster would immediately get reported and I would get a 1 month ban. So I just try to keep it as abstract as possible.

Hey, look - he got you. It's OK. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

Happy Thanksgiving !
Beginning to wonder is $ isn't some kinda in the closet homosexual... Seems to be real butthurt by PVOR comments
I like gay people but I could never be friends with one
To be honest, the most innappropriate people I know are gay. The stuff they say and do at work would get a normal person fired for staying it.

Yes, I said normal. Deal with it
Where does one find an eleven year old thread that hasn’t been posted on in four years? I’m genuinely curious as to how that happens.
Well, I just logged in for the first time in years and went to the menu. From there you can see threads that you've posted on, and since I've been dormant for so long, it was one of the last threads I had commented on.