Gregg Berhalter

Damn, the ultimate in parental interference when your kid doesn't get playing time.
and it probably won't be seen for the morally criminal act it was. She not only vindictively called out this coach but a family that was made and moved on long after the incident. Now the wife, the kids, even this creep's own kid, all have to live this attention. She's sick in the head at the least.
It will be interesting to see how it plays out as there are a lot of Berhalter detractors out there for style of play and personnel decisions; if this news leads to his down fall will they be OK with the way he gets let go?
Pretty petty and embarrassing all around. The Reynas seem petulant. Berhalter can add creep to his resume.

Granted it's the Sun but it would be entertaining as hell. Would likely bring a lot of attention the national team

Hard to think that he would've turned down the Portugal job only to take the USA job a short while later.

Granted, I think the US job has more long term potential now that Ronaldo is past his prime and on the verge of retiring from international football soon.
I think he has reservations managing Portugal specifically, possibly for those reasons. I think it's an outside shot. I'd think he'd prefer to stay in Europe
I believe Stewart was the main reason Berhalter was hired in the first place. Seems like a little housecleaning
And then there was that game last night. Nice result and a good evening for Pulicic as he looks to find a new team for next year but WTF Mexico, the players and fans were an embarrassment for an entire country. FIFA needs to step in and do something even further like maybe pull their WC games in 26 and give them to Costa Rica or split them between the US and Canada and make Mexico qualify? This will continue as long as the douches in Switzerland allow this to keep happening.
I only watched part of the first half last night because of the late start, but it was obvious from the first half that the US team was going to dominate that game.

I woke up to see the result and all the news stories about the disaster the second half turned out to be. The worst part about all of that is that it's not even remotely unexpected. Everyone pretty much knows that if Mexico doesn't have a chance to win, they're going to simply resort to being thugs. And their fans are as bad as always. Heck, I'm sure there's a lot of decent Mexican fans out there, but man, they have to figure out some way to get them under control (or punish the heck out of them).

Sucks for the US to end up without McKinney and Dest for the finals, but they needed to keep cooler heads last night - especially Dest. His retaliation RC was pretty stupid. Westin, I can understand - the Mexican thugs baited him into that one and went at him with three or four guys.
Extremely disappointed if Berhalter continues as manager. He was clearly out of his depth at the WC. Move on. There are a hundred other better soccer minds out there that would coach this team
Nice start to the summer international window for the USMNT. What makes it even better is Mexico is in complete disarray and has fired their coach and now Canada is worried their back line might not be able to keep them in the game while having a transitional type player.
Shockingly, as soon as Greg returns, the lineup sucks and they nearly lose to Jamaica.

They were brutal looking in that Jamaica game, but admittedly, I didn't have a clue who some of those starters even were - and the names I did recognize (like Morris and Yedlin) are basically washed up MLS guys.

Obviously, US Soccer's not putting a lot of effort into the Gold Cup.
The US B team gets Canada in the semis of the Gold Cup. Is Canada playing its A team or are they giving their top level guys a break too?

Meanwhile over on the Mexican side...

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I did a quick search - it appears that Canada has a squad for Gold Cup that includes some of their normal 'A' players, but also has a fair amount of young players as well.
US Opens Berhalter 2.0 with a W but they did not look sharp. Critics are out in full force too. The drama around this guy will only grow over the next few years...
It was a joke to bring this schmuck back. Watching US Soccer's ineptitude unfold via his second embarrassing managership makes you wonder how these people get into decision-making positions in the first place.