Dual Tournament 12/17/2022


Wooster High school will be hosting a dual meet tournament next season on 12/17/2022. We are looking to have 10 total teams with full or close to full rosters. We will run two pools of five on four mats, with each team getting 5 duals on the day. Trophies will be given out to the team champion and runner up. We will wrestle JV matches in between rounds with the goal of getting all JV wrestlers at least 2 matches. Tournament entry fee will be $200.
If interested please contact head coach Brian Teter at wstr_bteter@woostercityschools.org
Still in need of a few teams. Currently we have 4 and will take up to 10. Plan is to get everyone five duals on the day.

current teams
1. Wooster
2. Williamsburg
3. Perry (by the lake)
4. New London