D7 R25 2022

NSP | Southern

JFK has it all on the line this week, win and there is no looking back, lose and others have a glimmer of hope
Danville TBD more research needed
Lucas more to prove, coulda, shoulda's dont count
NSP is just passing the smell test so far, they get the nod due to pedigree and history.
Southern has every chance to move up once they get to the meat of their schedule, no standout wins yet
Sorry Lowellville, not a win yet that stands out, the opponents wins are even against bad teams.
Sorry fellas. I have been painting and moving all week. I have missed a lot I see.
I don’t appreciate all the JFK love. Stay in your own lane please. 😂
Games with any meaning are in Week 14, 15, 16. None of this matters in the regular season. Stay healthy to Region 25 teams
Got a very good look at Mogadore on Wednesday before the junior high game. Outside of Williams I was a little surprised at their overall lack of size. They are very well coached and I know they will play hard but I think Kennedy pulls away and wins by 2-3 scores tonight. If the Eagles do indeed win then they will be in great shape going into the playoffs. The last 4 games should all be running clock type situations.
Jaws31, I'll be surprised if it's any closer than 14 points. JFK has a better resume than Mogadore, with a nice combination of close games and quality opponents. As much as we kid about JFK on here, they are head and shoulders above the rest of R25 until they prove otherwise. I hope they don't prove that this week. Good luck!
jfk, lucas, danville all lose today. Tough day for top teams in r25. Sorry Dnis, Temp, and whoever on here likes danville. Oh and Lowellville is best team in r25
If this happens not only will I buy and wear a Lowellville hoodie, I will ridicule on Yappi any team that refuses to throw bombs on teams at the end of the 4th quarter when they are up 35.
They’re already mad that @TEMPESTA didn’t use the services of Mennonite Movers & Co.
Who has the time to wait on those guys? Or wants someone so judgmental going through their stuff?
It's a double-edged sword using those guys:
Good - they have a ton of blankets & big fat egg noodle soups
Bad - the blankets smell like horse & no wedding soup