Coachs Approach podcast


Coach Gresko has a podcast interviewing the some of the great coaches in the area. What does everyone think? Maybe he will be on top once again?!
... If y'all only really knew the type of people who are on coaching staffs in any given sport in Ohio (or across this country I'd guess) it would make you look at things very differently.

This guy in question, he does deserve to continue his life, he 'did the time' so to say. With that being said, FriKnights hit the nail on the head with the word narcissist, thats as accurate a word to describe him as can be.

The funny thing is, look at who has liked/ RT'd or commented or even been featured on his little podcast adventure, lot of coaches in this area who I think are viewed as respected. I wouldn't attach my name to that guy for anything!
Can you blame the guy for trying to still be around/involved in the game though? He did wrong, yes, but that doesn't take away the passion for the game. And, if he knows he is limited on getting back in as a coach, maybe this is his way of getting his football fix. Nothing wrong with that. Now, if he had a podcast bashing HS football or simply putting just his thoughts out there, Narcissist for sure, but he is providing a platform for other coaches, not himself.