Any particular sports cities you “BOO” or “Cheer against”?

Just wondering, instead of asking “What team do you cheer for the most”? Wanted to maybe reverse that: Who is your “Least Favorite Team”? Or team you would start “BOOING” if you saw they were playing? For me, I’d say main top 2 cities I would Boo if they came to

1. NY teams for sure (Yankees/Mets/Giants/Jets/Knicks/etc.)

2. Boston Teams (Pats, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, Etc)

I could go on and on and on and say Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and San Francisco perhaps. Who would you consider “hated” teams you would Boo or cheer against if they came to your stadium?


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Might not cheer for but definitely not a booer unless it's in game. If it's a rival, then they're reasonably local and I will root for them when they play others, unless it's going to somehow harm placing for the team I root for.


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When the Bengals play I always cheer for my second favorite team and that team is whoever is playing the Bengals. I grew up 20 miles west of Cleveland and while I grew up I never got to see home games on TV because of the 50 mile black out rule. Graduated high school and moved to southern Ohio to go to college and I thought heaven came to earth in the fall getting to see all the Browns games. Then in a few years along came this team called the Bengals and the Brown's games almost disappeared from the TV set.