4-1 McKinley Vs 3-2 Hoover

Hoover McKinley Big Time Sports TV Game Preview. Replay tonight at 11pm and Sat 9am Spectrum 989 and 15 MCTV 128

The Thomas kid is a very good runner. Gained over 100 yards against the Hoover defense and scored a couple of TDs. Nice to have him in the backfield, considering Hill is an unpredictable head case.

Another observation last night is using Alex Valquez at a WR spot brings a good set of hands into the receiving corps for Rode to throw to. Alex is also a 2-year starter in the secondary, so he shouldn't be overused.

Uniontown Lake is on a roll, solid and punishing defense, and sets up a very interesting match-up for the Pups at Fawcett/Benson next week.
Entertaining game. Mason Ashby is certainly an exciting player to watch for Hoover. He is electric any time he touches the ball.
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