2023 Wilmington Div II District Ranking


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Below is the early Div II Wilmington Rankings.
As you can see, I've copied off of Borofan's rankings and included only the ones that will attend this district.
I'm sure that I have missed someone, so make a note and I will correct/update.
Some observations of mine ...
* It looks like the team championship is between DeSales and Graham (9 DeSales & 8 Graham wrestlers ranked).
* 113 & 190 seem to be light (only 1 ranked in the top 12).
* 120, 165, 175 & 285 have 4 ranked in the top 12 (a bad draw is real).
* 138 & 144 have 5 ranked in the top 12 (138 has 1, 2, 3, and 4!!! ouch!!)
* 150 has 6 ranked in the top 12 (Loaded!!! Wow!!! 157 might be an option).
* Of course it's early!!! I know this!!! But I'm watching the World Series and bored!!!

3. Neal Krysty (Bishop Watterson) Sophomore
9. Jake Landis (Graham) Freshman
13. Caden Mellott (Wapakoneta) Sophomore
15. Jaden Gyan (Vandalia Butler) Junior
16. Konner Blaney (Marengo Highland) Sophomore
17. Marius Garcia (Bexley) Sophomore

3. Joseph Curry (Bishop Watterson) Freshman
15. Ronald Johnson (Dayton CJ) Freshman
--. Peyton Costa (Granville) Junior

1. Jimmy Lalezas (Taylor) Senior
2. Colt Ryan (Graham) Senior
3. Noah Moreland (Vandalia Butler) Senior
7. Alex Mickens (Columbus DeSales) Freshman
14. Gatlin Newkirk (Clinton-Massie) Junior

4. Aiden King (Bishop Hartley) Sophomore
6. Parker Lee (Vandalia Butler) Senior
18. Collin Isaac (Tippecanoe) Freshman

3. James Lindsay (Bishop Watterson) Freshman
4. Brogan Tucker (Graham) Sophomore
14. Xavier Pierce (Jonathan Alder) Senior
17. Gavin Ridenour (Wapakoneta) Freshman

1. David McClelland (Columbus DeSales) Senior
2. Cooper Rathburn (Bishop Hartley) Junior
3. Carson Hibbs (Wilmington) Senior
4. Gage Murphy (Reading) Sophomore
12. Caleb Wetzel (Marengo Highland) Senior

3. Bryce Kohler (Graham) Sophomore
5. Thane McCoy (Wilmington) Senior
6. Eli Trbovich (Jonathan Alder) Senior
7. Nathan Kulbe (Batavia) Senior
8. Zack Lopez (Columbus DeSales) Junior

1. Mitchell Younger (Bishop Watterson) Sophomore
2. PJ Murphy (Reading) Junior
5. Hayden Hughes (Graham) Junior
6. Aidan Rush (Columbus DeSales) Junior
10. Jack Hoskins (Vandalia Butler) Senior
12. Ripley Szanati (Buckeye Valley) Senior
13. Devyn Boyd (Licking Valley) Senior
15. Roderick Owens (Dayton C-J) Freshman
20. Brayden Day (Western Brown) Senior

2. Owen Eagan (Columbus DeSales) Senior
3. Eli Jacks (Graham) Junior
8. Jack Berry (Franklin) Freshman
26. Wyatt Eppert (Batavia) Senior
27. Porter Rick (Caledonia River Valley) Junior
30. Remington Baker (Marengo Highland) Sophomore

1. Gunner Cramblett (Graham) Junior
3. Oliver Byerly (Jonathan Alder) Senior
4. Andrew Barford (Columbus DeSales) Sophomore
7. Dickie Engel (Reading) Sophomore
24. Josh Taylor (Hebron Lakewood) Senior

1. Dylan Newsome (Bishop Hartley) Senior
3. Luke James (Graham) Sophomore
4. Lincoln Shulaw (Columbus DeSales) Sophomore
5. Thad Stuckey (Wilmington) Senior
13. Anthony Kroninger (Jonathan Alder) Sophomore

3. Carson Miller (Granville) Senior
14. Tyler Pennington (Vandalia Butler) Senior
20. Marshall Froelich (Columbus DeSales) Senior

1. Max Shulaw (Columbus DeSales) Junior
12. Damon Hay (Jonathan Alder) Senior
13. Jimmy Bechter (Dayton Carroll) Sophomore
16. Paul McKnight (Wilmington) Junior

5. Keegan Jacks (Hebron Lakewood) Junior
6. Nathaniel Royse (Western Brown) Junior
11. Landon Pedigo (Marengo Highland) Senior
12. Isaac Asiedu (Bishop Hartley) Senior
18. Jeffery Blair (Dayton C-J) Sophomore
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Do some of the Central sectionals have a choice in where they go? Thought that was an option this year.


Supposed to be 2 Central sectionals this year. Might have the option to select a sectional / districts or they realign the WCH sectional back to Wilmington district.


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Division II
Central - 2 sectionals (one to the NW district, one to the SW district) ... this is a PICK UP of one sectional
Northwest - 3 sectionals (host district with 1 C)
Northeast - 4 sectionals ... this is a LOSS of one sectional
Southwest - 3 sectionals (host district with 1 C)
East - 2 sectionals (hosts district this year)
Southeast - 2 sectionals (hosts district in 2024)

So, 1 central sectional goes to the NW district, 1 to the SW district. Seems like it would affect these projections quite a bit.