2023 Post season interview with Tate Catanese quarterback from CSP (NY)


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Name: Tate Catanese

Panama Central School (Clymer/Sherman/Panama Wolfpack)


Positions played:

Can you tell everyone what it's like to play for Coach Harper?

It is awesome to play for Coach Harper. He brings positive energy to practice every day, and that makes the players also have positive energy. He structures practices so that each of us can get better every single day. He is a great leader, and every player on our team looks up to him. He is also a great offensive coach who has a great game plan for any defense that could be thrown at us. He puts a lot of time into coaching, and that definitely shows at practice and during the game.

Heading into the 2022 season, what were the top two goals you had set for yourself and did you achieve those goals?
The top two goals that I set for myself were to throw for over 1200 passing yards and to win the section. Unfortunately, we were unable to with the section, but I surpassed 1200 passing yards on the season.

Of the road games from last season, which stadium did you enjoy playing at the most? Explain?
My favorite stadium to play at last season was Cattaraugus/Little Valley’s stadium, which is always fun to play at. It is the only turf we have been able to play on all season. We were able to wear our all-white uniforms, so that makes it even more enjoyable.

Of the teams you faced, which defense gave you the biggest trouble, and can you tell what made that defense so tough?
The defense that gave up the most trouble was the Randolph Cardinals. They were able to stop the run, and their secondary was also good against that pass. Making it very difficult to move the ball on them.

What were the high and low points of the season?
The high point of this past season was beating Franklinville/Ellicotville in Clymer. We were down 1 with 4 minutes to play, but we had a game-winning field goal to seal the win for us. Our low point of the season was the loss to Portville in Week 5 by a score of 9-3. This loss came on homecoming. This low point made us come together as a team, and with our great coaching staff, we were able to win the next 4 games.

What did you learn about yourself during the 2022 season that will make you better this season?
I learned that I can be a leader, even though I am an underclassman. On the field, I learned that when nobody is open, don’t force the ball to a receiver. I learned to run when nobody was open and then to slide down or get out of bounds before taking a hit.

Which win and loss will you remember the most for the 2022 season? Explain.
I will remember the win against Franklinville/Ellicotville the most from the 2022 season; I threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown on our first drive of the game. Our defense was able to step up in this game after the interception to keep us in it. The most memorable part of it was the game-winning drive that resulted in a made field goal to win the game with no time left. The most memorable loss in the 2022 season was the playoff loss to Randolph; it was the worst loss of the season because it ended the season for us. The senior class was full of leaders and some of my best friends. So it was really difficult to see them end their careers in a losing way.

Who was the best player CSP faced last year?
The running back from Randolph, Xander Hind. He was able to accelerate through the open holes that his line made for him. He was also able to run people over that were in his way. He has a rare combination of talent that combines speed and power.

What will you remember most about the class of 2023?
I will remember their leadership and their resilience. We had three starting seniors go down throughout the season. Austin White, Donavon Schnars, and Lucas Lisciandro This class was filled with people who were very talented. This class was also filled with kids that were born to lead.

As a quarterback, what is the toughest defense to go against?
The toughest defense to go against is any defense that works best as a team and is on the same page. When defenses communicate, it makes it very difficult for receivers to get open. It requires throws that are accurate and on time.