2023 NWO Football

What conference title race will you be looking forward to the most this season?

  • NLL Buckeye

    Votes: 7 9.7%
  • NLL Cardinal

    Votes: 7 9.7%
  • NBC

    Votes: 11 15.3%
  • WBL

    Votes: 16 22.2%
  • BVC

    Votes: 6 8.3%
  • CHSL Central (MI)

    Votes: 7 9.7%

    Votes: 10 13.9%
  • TAAC

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • Toledo City League

    Votes: 7 9.7%

  • Total voters
All Blade Team came out today.

QB - Ryan Montgomery - Findlay
RB - Marquan Braswell - Central
RB - Isaac Sexton - Southview
RB - Braxton Althauser - McComb
WR - Jaylen Watson - Central
WR - Jaqui Hayward - Oak Harbor
WR - Javonte Hill - Findlay
OL - Marc Nave - Central
OL - Carter Lowe - Whitmer (JR.)
OL - Dillon Robinson - AW
OL - Elijiah Williams - Central
OL - Landon Bockelman - Liberty Center

DL - Cadence Carswell - AW
DL - Mike Cannings - Central
DL - Jacob Ridener - Oak Harbor
LB - Joe Seney - Perrysburg
LB - Davonte Wright-Ward - Central
LB - Napoleon Jemison - Whitmer
LB - Jasen Kelly - Whitmer
DB - Marvin Greenlee - Central
DB - Daryl Barnett - Scott
DB - Carter Schaller - AW
DB - Luke Weihrauch - Findlay

K/P - Tyson Rodriguez - Wauseon

Dempsey COY. What is his secret? lol

Montgomery POY.

The Blade must not sell many papers West of the city because Liberty Center got shafted a bit. The Tiger's have the area's top defense and had zero representation. Bockelman did get 1st team OL but he deserved DL more IMO.

As an aside, on my way to the local park for my old man exercise, driving by the local grade school, I witnessed not one but two family/friend Turkey Bowl pick-up games. All is well in America.
Yup, that was us, it's now over 50 years for the game in front of the school, the one on the east side is probably close to as old as ours. The only way you can play in ours is if you are related by blood or marriage. If you honked, I was the old guy in the 1978 Walter Payton jersey waving.
Yup, that was us, it's now over 50 years for the game in front of the school, the one on the east side is probably close to as old as ours. The only way you can play in ours is if you are related by blood or marriage. If you honked, I was the old guy in the 1978 Walter Payton jersey waving.
That is awesome. I wondered why Payton was running QB. :LOL:
NWO Football STATE FINAL Picks
This is for all the marbles!!! What an absolute whirlwind of a season for all teams that got this far. While Celina had victory slip out of their grasp and Patrick Henry ran into Marion Local, both had awesome seasons. I'm especially interested to see how the Bulldogs hold up next season with Gabes returning.

Both games at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium - Canton, Ohio

Division III State Championship
■ Bishop Watterson vs. Central Catholic [x] - 12/1 at 3:00PM

The Irish are dominant this deep into the playoffs. Line play on both sides of the ball has been dominant thus far, and Jaylen Watson has continued to be a weapon, not that his offensive compatriots in the backfield, Marquan Braswell and Tyler Morgan, haven't been holding their end of the bill up either. Bishop Watterson will rely on their Mr. Football candidate LB in Dominic Purcell to hold off the Irish attack, whilst their QB AJ McAninch will hope to lead the Eagles to their first state title since 2010.

Division V State Championship
■ Perry vs. Liberty Center [x] - 12/2 at 3:00PM

The Tigers were a little banged up against Valley View, but prevailed and held the Spartans to no offensive touchdowns. The FORCE in the trenches that is Landon Bockelman leads their defensive and offensive lines, while Landen Kruse has also been a two way star at RB and LB for Liberty Center. They'll look for their first football state title since 1997, having won their first state semifinal since 1998. The Perry Pirate offensive attack is led by their QB Walter Moses, who has thrown for over 2,000 yards and 24 TDs.

Shoutout to the Whiteford Bobcats of Ottawa Lake, Michigan, who are currently playing for a Division 8 championship as of right now. Go SE Michigan! Go Northwest Ohio!
Central up 14-6 at half...open things up in last 2 quarters and win 35-13.

LC defense stifles Perry offense for most of game...but LC offense sputters. Perry 14 - LC 6
Shoutout to the Celina Bulldogs for upsetting Badin and making it to the semifinals!

Anyone know when the last time they’ve made it this far, or is this new territory for them?
Late to this party, but of Celina's 9 trips to Postseason, they've won 4 Regional Titles, and Runner-up in 83 to Tom Tupa and Brecksville

This is why I truly believe WBL prepares one for Postseason. Look at Van Wert as well
Congratulations to the Patrick Henry Patriots on a great 2023 football season. I'm copying a statistical recap provided by the Patriot p.a. announcer:

Pretty much everyone knows the results of PH’s state semi-final game with Marion Local. Lost the game 49-0. Not the result we were looking for. But it doesn’t take anything away from a remarkable and memorable season…Just want to say, ML is just a different animal. Depth. Size. Strength. Skilled…No shame in losing to that bunch. And personally, i hope they go on to win the whole ball of wax.
All that aside, the purpose of this post is yo celebrate our team. And the season just completed. 12-3 record. Milestones galore.
Lots of all-district recognition and all-state honors to come later this week. Have a feeling Coach I may mention perseverance and resilience when speaking about this team at the banquet next Monday night.
Two gentlemen that I would like to start out mentioning. Nash Meyer and Brock Behrman.
So sad. So much empathy that Nash and Brock were unable to finish there senior season on the field. But that takes nothing away from their contribution, their leadership both before and after their injuries.

Houston Miranda, 253 carries, 1708 yds,
6.8 average
Lincoln Creager, 88 carries, 498 yds,
5.7 average
Landon Johnson, 23 for 156, 6.8 average

Landon, 59 receptions, 927 yds, 15.7 ave.
Thomas Smith, 42 for 786, 18.7 ave.
Lincoln, 30 for 409, 13.6 ave.
Brock Behrman, 6 for 68, 11.3 ave.

Nash Meyer, 89 of 122, 1371 yds, 11 td’s
Lincoln Creager, 66 of 129, 1079 yds, 12 td’s

Houston…182 points

Grant Smith, 102, 12 tfl, 23 sacks and innumerable times held and holding not called…

Akevian Kryder, 93, 5 tfl
Houston, 78, 5 tfl
Lincoln, 56, 4 int
Avery Wright, 48
Landon, 47
Jaden Punches, 47
Brock, 34
Thomas, 29, 3 int
A Season Worth Celebrating