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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    No, all the Bengals showed up at the voluntary mini camp; Brady showed up at the TB voluntary mini camp, a lot other TB players boycotted it. TB won because they got a QB named Brady and because they drafted well in picking defensive players.
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    California reservoir is expected to fall so low that a hydro-power plant will shut down for first time

    :ROFLMAO: Oroville Dam came close to catastrophic failure in 2017 when both the main and emergency spillways were damaged, they had to lower the lake in order to make repairs.
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    Hypothetical transfer question???

    FYI: always get an official ruling through your school's AD from the OHSAA if someone is actually thinking about playing in this scenario.
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    Do you view being a Politician as a career or a service?

    Looking at our forefathers, appears most once elected to a political office, were politicians till they died. Can't find a "Cincinnatus" among them.
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    I think the schools are members of the OHSAA; not sure having people[coaches] making financial decisions [site selection] is a good idea; obviously because they are not the ones having to come up with the money. Because of COVID, only one tournament sport made money this year - Football The...
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    Veteran's microphone cut off when he discusses Blacks' role in establishing Memorial Day

    I admit i am mystified as to why they cut him off, it was completely on topic. The answer from the organizers is inadequate, responses to the incident ;are a Rorschach test of ones own biases.
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    Tim Tebow signing is "White Privilege": Stephen A. Smith

    :unsure: Another fluff job where the players are going through the motions and no one is getting hit. Tebow signing was an effort to get people talking about the Jaguars, just a PR stunt. When Michael Jordan signed a baseball contract at age 33, that also was a PR stunt, this is just in the...
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    Give Me High Speed Rail, or Give Me Nothing!

    When I lived in Germany, taking the train was ok; but driving was easy, especially on the unlimited portions of the Autobahn. Population density in Western Europe is conducive to public transport, not so much in the US. There is no reason to take a 150 mph train from Cincinnati to Columbus...
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    FIghting has come to Kings Island, will this become a regular occurence?

    New video on the local TV news stations have aired; these are a lot more violent than the first ones to air. 4 juveniles and one adult have been charged so far with the possibility of more in the future...
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    Gunshots near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis

    Local Democrat Dusty Rhoads has spoken up on behalf of police in Cincinnati; of course the local Democrat party censored him and has refused to endorse him in any future election.
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    Electric Cars - I'm also thinking, No Thanks !

    I own a Camry Hybrid; never had a problem with it and it is a good car; having said that, will never buy another Hybrid or Electric car. My friend also owns a Camry Hybrid, his battery went out, car won't run without it and it takes 6 weeks to get a replacement battery; not to mention it is a...
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    Why the US will lose WW3

    It depends; some military jobs require more physical strength than others. Upper body strength was definitely a factor in my MOS, there was nothing light on a tank, torqueing 320 end connectors was a test of upper body strength and that was one of the easier things to do. The reality is that...
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    Ohio vaxamillion

    I'm in, even got vaccinated twice, so I get 2 chances- right?
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    GCL South State Titles

    261 Boys swimming teams 386 Boys tennis teams 605 Boys golf teams 145 Boys LaCrosse teams - sanctioned starting in 2017 78 Boys hockey teams - grandfathered in; would not be state sanctioned today 87 Boys volleyball teams in 2021
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    GCL South State Titles

    June 5th, 2019 _"The OHSAA Board of Directors met Monday — one day after the boys volleyball coaches association’s state championships — but there was no vote on sanctioning boys volleyball as an OHSAA “emerging sport.” After support this spring from the OHSAA’s Expanding Opportunities...