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    Sunday Scores (6/6)

    Last I heard SR was getting massacred by Fairview. Congrats to Sherwood Fairview on your State Title in softball. Great season SR Raiders!
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    Saturday scores 6/5

    Last I heard it was CCC up over SR 3-2 after 5.
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    DIII: Sherwood Fairview (26-1) vs. Wheelersburg (26-1), Friday, 12:30 p.m.

    South Range beat Johnstown-Monroe to play Fairview in Finals.
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    Friday Scores (6/4)

    South Range 1 Gilmour Academy 0 10 Innings
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    all time winningest Ohio High school football coaches

    I wonder why Dan Yeagley from South Range is not listed. He got his 200th win in 2018 I think. He should be around 220 by now.
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    NE8 2021

    If he decides to retire from coaching, that won't be the reason why.