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    Mentor Fighting Cardinals 2021-22 Boys Basketball Preview

    So far in seeing both Mentor and Riverside this summer, the Ioppolos went to the lesser talented of the two programs. Both are D1 programs, so yeah losing them sucks if you are a Riverside fan. But it doesn't seem like a situation where the move/transfer was only for basketball reasons... more...
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    The Lutheran schools

    Lutheran East has been one of the top teams in Cleveland/Ohio for a while, but looks like Lutheran West has joined them. They beat Gahanna Lincoln and Lima today in Sandusky at the Midwest Live event and after watching them play a couple other times this summer, definitely the look of a team...
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    Parma Senior closing after 2022-23

    In Northeast Ohio the only multiple high school school districts left (if Parma does go to 1) would be Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown. If there are anymore mergers beyond those in Northeast Ohio, it means consolidating school districts, which IMO should happen. Ohio has over 100 more school...
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    Parma Senior closing after 2022-23

    Unless Parma City Schools does something weird and sends nearly all the Parma Senior kids to one of the remaining schools, both Valley Forge and Normandy could move up to D1 next year. Just by splitting Parma's enrollment figures in half, it would boost Valley Forge to 641 and Normandy to 622. I...
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    Justin Braun - State Meet

    When I saw that he DNS in the 100, I figured it was more than dropping the 100 to try to take aim at the 200 and 400 state records, but held out hope that it was the case. You gotta feel bad for the kid. He had an outside shot at breaking the state meet record, if not the overall state records...
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    Justin Braun - State Meet

    Do you know if it was injury related, or did he decide to drop the 100 meters thinking it gives him a better shot at taking down both the 200 and 400 state records? Both of those are records I never expected to see broken and he has a shot at both.
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    Greatest 200m field ever!

    This post is the perfect example of why (outside of the the true elite sprinters like Justin Braun) it's hard to compare times that were ran at different venues under different conditions. These times were the top 8 from district meets where there was between a +0.6 to +3.7 tailwind and I...
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    2022 Western Reserve Conference

    Take this FWIW and this is just an educated guess on what is going on. 1. Riverside-Holy Name isn't a recent blip. The two signed a home and home and Holy Name went to Riverside last year and Riverside had been set for the return game well before a game with Mentor was a possibility. 2. Once...
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    GCC invites Cleveland Heights & Shaker 🤔

    I may be in the minority, but I actually think one Parma school would be pretty good. I mean, Valley Forge has at least been a decent D2 team. I have to imagine, just adding 10 solid players to that (as bad as Parma and Normandy are, they have to at least to have 5 each that could help), would...
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    GCC invites Cleveland Heights & Shaker 🤔

    Avon for sure can hang in football (looks like they passed up Solon in enrollment numbers and are right on the heels of Shaker and Cleveland Heights). Avon, though, is in a spot where there is no incentive to leave the SWC due to almost perfect proximity.
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    GCC invites Cleveland Heights & Shaker 🤔

    That's not true. Strongsville has had a couple down years by their standards, and part of that was that the GCC had been loaded since it formed. 2015-16 - Brunswick, Solon won district titles 2016-17 - Mentor, Elyria and Medina won district titles 2017-18 - Solon and Shaker Heights won district...
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    Hoban's Tim Tyrrell to the University of Akron?

    He was easily the best candidate they could have gotten regardless, but I think part of the reason they brought Arth in was to gain traction with the Catholic powers. Moorhead being a PIttsburgh Central Catholic alum can't hurt in trying to keep those doors open.
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    Hoban's Tim Tyrrell to the University of Akron?

    On the field, Moorhead was 7-9 in the SEC. He had four wins vacated due to recruiting violations. From what I recall he never had the complete support from boosters with some not wanting another "yankee" from Pennsylvania being the coach. Afterall, you don't get recruiting violations in the SEC...
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    Mr football

    Not going to disagree with what you said. But why wouldn't Allar be a viable winner based off of performance???
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    Division III State Semifinal: Chardon (14-0) vs West Holmes (14-0)

    Didn't St. Mary's just lose 45-10? Probably not their year. I think most people believe Chardon is the favorite not only in this game, but to repeat for the state title. Maybe it gets ugly but I think that would be more a testament to how good Chardon is and not a knock on WH. As for WH, their...