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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    I have heard that Elder maxed out the incoming freshman class at 210 with more than a few kids on the waiting list.
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    Week 10: Elder (4-5) vs LaSalle (5-4)

    LaSalle has to pay the bill…
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    Week 10: Elder (4-5) vs LaSalle (5-4)

    Anyone having luck with the video stream?
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    Week 10: Elder (4-5) vs LaSalle (5-4)

    Sad to see no thread on this game yet. I think Elder wins this game 35-28. Elder is still the 3rd or 4th best team in region 4 and hopefully will earn a home playoff game.
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    2021 Elder Football

    What the GCL needs to do is get dirty with scheduling. Now that everyone makes the playoffs they need to schedule as many cupcakes as possible to rack up the wins to get the home game. That's easier said than done, but forget about D1 harbin cows... get D4 or D5 harbin cows. With a 9 game...
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    ‘01 Warren G. Harding (8-0) @ Cincinnati Elder (7-1)

    That was a great year for Elder beating three #1 ranked teams in the same season.
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    La Salle vs IMG

    Ok… IMG plays LaSalle just for practice, got it.
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    La Salle vs IMG

    Funny how LaSalle people are so “proud” of the team’s effort, but is still not reporting this game on the GCL site. As far as they concerned this game never happened. Where’s the pride?
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    Week 2 Elder(1-0) at Pickerington Central(1-0)

    Is that grass or field turf?
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    Peyton Ramsey/Tommy Kraemer - NFL Draft

    Breaking news out of Price Hill… Payton was hired as a teacher at Elder.
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    Only Online Tickets Sales

    I think its a great idea to sell tickets online. Some schools only sell tickets to the public one night a week and the rest of the week you have to get them during school hours. If you're a working adult and can't make it the one night then you have to risk it getting a ticket at the game...