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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division IV Top Twenty Five

    Alter back down to D4 R16 adding even more strength to the region along with Taft and Roger Bacon moved up from D5.
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    D4 Region 16

    Taft, first 3 games Roger Bacon, Wyoming, Indian Hill. early in the year, but key games to watch. Indian Hill will be a common team that other play. Indian Hill plays McNic, Taft, Wyoming.
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    Marion Local Renovating Football Field

    I love the Nike Cortez shoes. Loved them, in the 80s. Still making them and can buy them online. Thanks for reminding me, time for new ones.
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    GCL co/ed 2022

    Much respect for Wheelersburg, quality program. Beat Waverly and they play up against better teams. Rockets will have their hands full in that game. Goshen has been terrible the last few years. Hartley is another big game. Overall big step up in OOC games. Wish more R16 teams would play better...
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    Clinton Massie 2022

    8-1 Future looks bight at Massie Anderson 40-22 Fenwick 35-13 Desales 36-6 L Harrison 50-19 Eaton 28-6 Western Brown 49-12 Troy 49-14 LaSalle 35-22 Wilmington 26-0
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    Division 4 2022 Early Thoughts and Predictions?!

    Alter would be back in R16 but Stuebenville would go back to R13. Add Hartley back to R15 plus the others added to D4. It's going to be wonderful to watch this play out.
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    Division 4 2022 Early Thoughts and Predictions?!

    Having Alter back in R16 would make an already tuff region, better! I love watching Massie and Alter games. Great competition makes you better. Look back to Regional champs over the last 10 or 15 years. Alter and Massie, fighting it out. after Alter move up, Wyoming started making it into...
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    Clinton Massie 2022

    @Waynesville @Edgewood @Fenwick Desales Harrison Goshen @Western Brown Batavia @ New Richmond Wilmington Glad to have the Waynesville game back
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    Consecutive playoff qualifier streaks

    Clinton Massie - current playoff streak 2002 - and counting.
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    DIV: Clinton-Massie vs Ursuline Updates and Game Discussion

    looking back at all the posts. I believe you called it correct. Massie by 1
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    Division III State Championship: Hamilton Badin (14-0) vs. Chardon (15-0)

    Good luck Badin ! Massie Nation sending love and Mojo your way. SW Ohio 2-0 keep it going!
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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    Would love to have been inside Massie's locker room at half time and listen to Coach McSurley. What a come back !!!!
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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    Game Day! Good Luck to both teams, Defense will win this game. Who is stopping who?
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    Division III State Semifinal: Badin (13-0) vs Granville (13-0)

    Congrats to Badin on the Win.