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    Favorite HS FB stadium?

    I was at that game, many of people left the game early. They got a rufe awakening when they open the morning paper. 🤣
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    For Discussion

    Well I did mention weather was one bad thing about it, but tactical events just means you need to run the race for time now unless you are in the top 2. I have seen many posts saying that this runner would have made it if they were in this district. Well, this takes away these scenarios. Plus...
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    I thought he meant coaches with most State titles. hat would be Kyle as my guess.
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    For Discussion

    I posted in the Divsion 1 post on my thought on getting the best ones to the next meet. I said that first 2 advance (8 total) then the next 10 fastest times. 18 runners would advance to regionals/state. At regionals you would run 3 prelims (6 per race) winners advance and then next 5 best...
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    D1 Districts

    You have to look at al factors. wind might be blowing differently on the track. That doesn't affect the longer races but it could affect the sprints. I think qualifiers should go to top 2 places in the race then the next 1o fastest/farthest times/distances also qualifies. Prelims for regionals...
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    Ak.Ellet job open

    Have you been to any of their games or meets. It isn't life changing numbers but they are beginning to grow. I know they had an article done on the girls team and the starting line-up for at least one game were girls from five different countries/languages. It will continue to grow. It does...
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    Ak.Ellet job open

    I know that is wrong. our building is too small, we had over 100 of the kids to a new building. Who cares if they are foreign people! Unless you are Native American, then at one time your family was from a foreign country.
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    Ak.Ellet job open

    Akron North was down in the 600's a while back, but is close to or over 1,000 now. One elementary in North's cluster is close to 700 kids (6-K 6-1st 6-2nd 4-3rd 4-4th and 4-5th grade classes (678 the last time I heard it)
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    Best Quarterbacks in Ohio

    From what I saw Drew Novak should be at least top 3. D-III Offensive Player of the Year. 4466 yards 68% passing 994 yards rushing 67 total td's.
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    Nominees for football offense for the Greater Akron High School Sports Awards

    How is Medina Highland in these selections, but a school just 7 miles farther is not and has basically the best player in the state???
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    2022 Freedom Bowl at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, August 26-27

    I would love to see any of these games Mentor vs. Saint Joe's Prep (PA) Saint Ed's vs. Detriot MLK Chardon vs. Dematha (Maryland) Canfield vs. Mount Lebanon (PA) Kirtland vs. Aliquippa (PA) Pickerington Central vs. Euless Trinity Massilon vs. Center Grove (IN) Marion Local vs. Gibson...
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    Bethel Park (PA) coach cancels weightlifting, tells players to shovel snow

    I told my 4th graders last Thursday (no school Friday) that a storm was coming on Monday and they should help out someone with their driveway. Had a snow day today so I will find out tomorrow if anyone helped out.
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    Max preps top 25 small town teams

    Well then China who's enrollment is 60% (904-1,455) of the population. How is that possible? It means it pulls people from Waco
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    Max preps top 25 small town teams

    Well according to the Ohio Constitution, any municipal under 5,000 population is considered a village so they couldn't be considered a town. 🤣 j/k 10,000 is rather large. I don't consider this list whole because just because 1 loss after winning 55 straight should not drop Kirtland out of the...
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    Separating public and private schools.

    Long ago, I thought making two private divisions, and 4-5 public divisions would be the right way to go, but that isn't the case. Is there a right answer? Unfortortunely there isn't one. The almighty dollar is what makes the programs go. The bigger the sport (cost wise), the less chance...