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    Football Season Needs To Start Earlier!!!

    Football only plays 10 regular season games.... Why does basketball need to play 30? Back the schedule down and start basketball later. It is inside, nobody gets cold and its non-contact so you can play multiple games per week. Schools cannot start football any earlier, some later starting...
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    2022 WOAC

    Shawnee loss Trail loss TV win Any news in Bradford & Covington or Dixie & Arcanum? What does this do for Conference Championship?
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    2022 WOAC

    Preble Shawnee at Ansonia 24-10 Arcanum at Dixie 34-12 TVS at National Trail 21-13 Miss Valley at TCN 28 -14 Blanchester at Tri-Village 42-21
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    Ask The Ump?

    ASK THE UMP ?! ...... IF WE COULD FIND ONE! Lack of Umpires have cancelled multiple games this season. Anyone else seeing this issue? I know a (SWD4) team has played 4 games with 1 ump only and then FINALLY get nice weather to play and cancel a Conference game due to neither softball or...
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    Team caught with electronic devices?!

    Heard a rumor that a conference leading team in southwest Ohio was caught using Electronics/headsets of some sort.. has anyone else heard this ?
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    Heard rumors that Newton got caught cheating ?
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    MV over Ansonia ?! 11-10 TV over Northeastern (IN) 8-5
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    3/28 cancellations

    Ansonia at Tri-Village Rescheduled for Wednesday
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    2022 Scrimmage Results

    Tri-Village 21 Fairlawn 2
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    Tri-Village 21-2 Over Fairlawn
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    Scrimmages tonight? TV has Fairlawn at Home Ansonia has Mechanicsburg at Home MV has Bradford at Home
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    Who wins D4?

    What would happen if schools "recruited" for academic achievements instead of athletics... higher test scores, higher district report card scores, higher post secondary completion... That would be a fun forum page to argue about. Topic that mattered and would make our country stronger as a whole.
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    Oh wow.. that could hurt Newton for sure. I knew they graduated a bunch last year and no JV. Not sure on South's arms.. I know Bradford has 2 young guns that are pretty good. I think Trail graduated their upper end arms. TV has the Lipps kid. New coaches. Who knows.. TC didn't lose too...
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    Standings Prediction WOAC: Arcanum Newton Bradford Ansonia Tri-Village FM South Dixie North Shawnee Trail Miss Valley
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    2022 WOAC

    Here goes the transfer talk again... Open Enrollment is Open Enrollment. If you want students to come to your school pass a levy and build a better district!