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    Saturday Updates (Week 13)

    South Range 7 Garaway 0
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    Friday Updates (Week 12)

    Get over it for christ sakes stop crying like Michigan fans
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    OHSAA Releases Football First-Round Playoff Pairings

    How much are tickets for the first round?
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    WHO comes out of region 4?

    Medina is the best team in D1 this year
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    Week 10: Lucas @ Mogadore

    I dont know why you are even piping up worry about JKFs game this week the two teams yall played this year that was worth a damn you got beat by! With that being said Lucas by 10!!
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    Dominant running teams

    Sullivan Black River
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    How much do HS fall sports officials make?

    All you losers complaining about the officials put your money where your mouth is and get certified. If you are not willing to do that then stay in your lane as a fan!!
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    Should refs be at least marginally fit?

    Then why dont you go and get your certificate to ref bud?? If you are so perfect put your miney where your mouth is. If you dont want to do that then shut your judgemental mouth!!
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    Ohio Football is becoming irrelevant.

    Hoban better fire their recruiters
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    2021 Unofficial Last Man Standing Contest (Week 2)

    Ashland Mapleton over Wellington by 28
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    Open Weeks - updated 8/25

    Wellington scheduled Columbiana
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    Ohio School Decides To Move To 8-Man Football, League Members Scramble To Fill Schedule

    If they would get rid of their coach more kids would play
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    Scrimmage schedule of schools..."Who, and When."

    Mapleton Aug 7th 10am Lucas Aug 13th 7 pm Black River
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    Road Trips for HS football games this fall in Ohio

    Black River vs Keystone that game will feature 2 of the top running backs in the state!!
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    Keystone, large unknown, to be state contender

    Its going to be fun watching the Keystone running back and the McKean kid from Black River go at it for the conference rushing title! Both are very impressive backs!!