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    Winton Woods 2022

    Looking at the roster from last year. Spears, Tally, etc should be fine and the running game should be fine. WW over the last 15-20 yrs has always had outstanding RB’s I’m not really concerned with our defense at this point, we have a couple of folks back and really good young guys coming up...
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    Leagues like GMC & ECC playing every team in league now

    Whatever the case WW needs to make sure that non conference game is a very quality opponent. Lasalle, trot wood, etc. win or lose it’s never too early to talk harbin points with that first game. Someone from the GCL, GMC, etc. heck schedule a playoff team from this previous yr. piqua, green...
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    Monday Finals (12/13)

    Winton Woods 54 Mount Healthy 51 OT
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    DII: Hoban vs Winton Woods Updates and Game Discussion

    Now folks know our WW defense can flat out play. Hoban did not score an offense TD
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    Best Winton Woods player of all time? High school,College, and or Professional accomplishments combined

    I love Miyan I love Miyan and I love Ohio state , I would not stay and be subjected to very limited carries. Even though I was happy he went to Ohio state, they offered him really late as a afterthought. With them missing out on a couple TB, then they want Miyan. Why would you want to sit behind...
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    Division II State Semifinal: Winton Woods (11-3) vs Uniontown Green (11-3)

    At the start of the year, most WW posters knew these things about our defense 1 they would be the heart and soul of the team 2 they would keep us in games 3 they would be able to win games with our defense. tonight they did all 3. Our defense was outstanding and opportunistic. Yes Green had...
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    Division II State Semifinal: Winton Woods (11-3) vs Uniontown Green (11-3)

    Game day !!! Talk is over, time to punch the time clock. Hey Warriors Where my Warriors at Let me hear that Warrior clap ……. let me hear that Warrior clap. Go Warriors!!!
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    I did hear this
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    Well if your a piqua fan, it’s only about 35 min drive. We have close to hour drive.
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    I’m hearing the game is possibly at Northmont
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    I do believe WW is battle tested and having the stronger bracket. We have beat Turpin, Kings, Lasalle all 3 good teams in their own right. WW at this stage in the season will not look past anyone. The last half of the season, in particular the playoffs, the Warriors are locked in and ready...
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    D2 Region 8

    Well logic says somewhere in Dayton surrounding areas. Considering where we are located and piqua location. Centerville , maybe Wayne, springboro, ? Just a pure guess.
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    DII R8 No. 7 Winton Woods (9-3) vs. No. 6 La Salle (7-5)

    Wasn’t crying, WW just needs to be smarter at times. Not even going to mention the plays involved. Win and advance is all that counts.