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    Winton Woods 2022

    Well I for one believes WW will be loaded and have a strong potential to make another deep run. As usual for a WW team over the last several years, our defense will keep us in games I totally agree. Offense line will do just enough in the beginning as they will get better as the season...
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    Tyler McKinley leaving Walnut Hills

    I guess he is looking for better competition. On one hand you can’t blame him, wish him luck.
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    Paid to watch a scrimmage tonight

    I’m hearing Winton Woods/ Moeller scrimmage will be $5. Not really surprising considering this will probably be a packed house. Also, considering WW like some districts are cash strapped, why not try to make a few dollars.
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    2022-23 SW D1

    Winton Woods played a lot of freshman and sophomore’s, if they can play up to and past their potential, they could have a nice year. I see Princeton being probably the most dangerous team in swo, they have the pieces to really do damage. Of course Mason will always be in the hunt with their...
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    Paul McMillan IV

    This choice was mainly about academics and life after basketball. I wish him the best.
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    Taft’s Rayvon Griffith

    Taft jr Rayvon Griffith just announced he has committed to Cincinnati. This is a HUGH get for the Bearcats. He chose UC over other finalist that included Ohio State, UCLA, Alabama and Kansas.
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    Bearcats baskteball 2021-2022

    Jr. Rayvon Griffith (Taft) has committed to Cincinnati. He chose the bearcats over UCLA, Alabama, Ohio State and Kansas. A Hugh get for Cincinnati.
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    The only thing that trips me out is you see all these people who commit when they’re freshman and sophomore. Really most of these players end up Decommit and sign elsewhere. IMO, you should never commit to a program that early. I would always advise any player to wait until entering junior yr.
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    Coaching Openings

    Hamilton High School names its new girls basketball coach
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    Winton Woods 2022

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    Winton Woods 2022

    All these years WW has been Div. 2, but playing mostly a division 1 schedule, especially when we were independent. WW can definitely compete with division 1 teams. Would we have made it out of region 4 div.1 last yr? Who really knows. Not really concerned with that. Remember we played over the...
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    Saturday, February 26 Final Scores

    Winton Woods 61 Centerville 50
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    Game Match-Up You'd like to see

    Winton Woods vs. Colerain
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    Winton Woods 2022

    Looking at the roster from last year. Spears, Tally, etc should be fine and the running game should be fine. WW over the last 15-20 yrs has always had outstanding RB’s I’m not really concerned with our defense at this point, we have a couple of folks back and really good young guys coming up...
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    Leagues like GMC & ECC playing every team in league now

    Whatever the case WW needs to make sure that non conference game is a very quality opponent. Lasalle, trot wood, etc. win or lose it’s never too early to talk harbin points with that first game. Someone from the GCL, GMC, etc. heck schedule a playoff team from this previous yr. piqua, green...