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    Glenoak (1-0) @ Massillon (0-1) PART 2

    Hoover in 2008 too
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    2000 Hoover Vikings @ Green Bulldogs

    I also remember checking out the first round game in 2001 where they destroyed Howland. Green improved a lot between week 1 and week 11 in both 2000 and 2001. I think the halftime score in 2001 was 12-0 Hoover before the wheels fell off. That Hoover team was a more big play team in all 3 phases...
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    2000 Hoover Vikings @ Green Bulldogs

    Never forget this game. A very young and inexperienced (but quite talented) Hoover team was coming off a tough loss to a good Louisville team but Green beat a then pretty good Manchester team. The first half was pretty uneventful with a 7-0 Hoover lead but then the 3rd qtr the wheels fell off...
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    LeBron's Future?

    The only thing LeBron had on Jordan was no first round exits. At least he won't see 7 losses in the Finals. 3 years in LA: 1) Losing record and sitting "injured" 2) Wins "title" in season basically restarted after many months and very short also needed an elite player (like Kyrie in 2016...