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    2022 Cleveland Browns Thread
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    Do Politics Belong In Sports
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    This is why people have a problem with MAGA
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    MAGA Movement Wins Bigly in Virginia!
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    How many games do 9-16 teams need to win to validate 16 teams?

    Region 1 #1-#7 all win #9 upsets #8 Region 2 #1#2 #4-#8 Win #14 upsets #3 Region 3 #1-#7 win #9 upsets #8 Region 4 #1-#4 win #6-#8 win #12 upsets #5
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    New Philadelphia at Hubbard Week 11

    Truth be told it was a weird year Nobody expected Matt Dennison to pack his bags and lie about taking a break and take another job because he saw a rebuild year coming , the job that was done with this team was impressive , we did return one of our best players but we lost a D1 FCS commit and...
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    New Philadelphia at Hubbard Week 11

    and just like phila, hubbard played 4 teams with a winning record the entire year, that doesn't mean anything at this point
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    Division III Region 9

    i like the matchup , i think phila has a better chance than people think
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    Friday Finals (Week 10)

    shenandoah caldwell?
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    IVC 2021

    It would take some help but it’s possible
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    New Phila 6-3 @. Dover 8-0

    people have seem to forget how 2019 went when Phila should've rolled over Dover, Its the Dover/Phila game don't be shocked if this is down to the very end
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    IVC 2021

    Central should get into the playoffs with a win vs Strasburg
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    Which school will be the first to look for a new HC?

    Cuyahoga Falls Shane Parker is 4-45 since taking over in 2017, and will likely end up 4-46
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    World Cup Qualifying
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    Division III Region 9

    Yeah … 2019 was rough , Phila may of been in the state finals had May not been hurt