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    What's going on at West Clermont?

    omar would take him with open arms and hope he brings some big OL with him. jtk ()
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick' em: WEEK 7 GAMES

    ## Favorite ___________________Points ________ Underdog 01 MOELLER __________________9.5 ____x______ Elder 02 LAKOTA WEST _____x_______ 23.5 __________ Mason 03 COLERAIN ________________10.5 _____x_____ Middletown 04 SPRINGFIELD _____x________11.5 __________ Springboro 05 Wayne...
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    once again im not surprised. the oline sucks and ZT is a terrible play caller. while i agree that ZT play calling on critical downs sucks, but the Oline played good for the most part. not sure why we keep trying to run the ball outside. this line blocks better on runs between the tackles...
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    ok. lol. you aren't the only one who endured the 90's. to benefit your health you may want to root for another team, the Brown family isn't going anywhere. btw, i thought you guys who complained about the OL all of last season, said the line was better? lol jtk ()
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    yes, you only sing the praises of joe burrow. you criticize everyone else. lol you even complained that that were in the super bowl lol. and i post plenty about the bengals. such as, joe mixon needs to run harder. burrow needs to get rid of the ball sometimes. receivers need to know where...
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    pretty soon stirred will be doing his twin brothers favorite saying, Fire Zac Taylor. lol jtk ()
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    complain when they win, complain when they lose. at least im entertained reading the comments though lol. jtk ()
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    lets go OL jtk ()
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    Week 6: Elder

    why do you care? you can get your tube sock out and enjoy the victory. jtk ()
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    Week 6: Elder (4-1) vs St. Xavier (2-3)

    was looking for some pboy and big putz love going on. the putz always owned him lol jtk ()
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    SWO King of the Spread Pick' em: WEEK 6 GAMES

    ## Favorite ___________________Points ________ Underdog 01 St. Xavier ___________________ 6.5 ____x______ELDER 02 Moeller ____________________ 23.5 ___x_______LA SALLE 03 Princeton ____________________5.5 ___x_______FAIRFIELD 04 Colerain ____________________10.5 ____x______OAK HILLS 05...
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    sit burrow if they some brian level comedy right there. jtk ()
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    who said they're fine? lol i just said lets go OL. jtk ()
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    2022 Cincinnati Bengals

    lets go OL jtk ()
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    Notre Dame 2022

    good one idiot. you've been defeated again. you always resort to insulting when you lose. you make dumb points about football and get called out. an OL isn't successful based on their size. lol only a moron believes that. im really glad your a keyboard hero, makes you feel better. jtk ()