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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

    Nobody said that. Liz got censured and vilified and the party threw their weight behind Hagerman. Plain and simple.
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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

    And? Breitbart is killing you and you make the point. She crossed the king and paid the price. Cheney's vote record speaks for itself.
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    Is the US irreparably split

    We have never been united. We continue to grow and this will pass. We will eventually figure out the instant poison media effect on our politics/lives.
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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad
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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

    BS. Liz Cheney is a conservatives conservative. She went against the cult. Bottom line.
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    White Teachers will be the first to go:Minneapolis

    No Union agreement I have ever seen discriminates in any way outside of those that have seniority protections. It would be an instant NLRB charge for failure to properly represent not to mention all agreements have savings clauses that state they will not violate any laws which this clearly does.
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    White Teachers will be the first to go:Minneapolis

    Bingo. This is really odd and I would like to see the specific language. There is a lot wrong here from a discrimination and violating federal laws perspective that any advising attorney would nix. If true, any white teacher in the district should have their fingers crossed that they are laid...
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    The Big Bang Hypothesis is contradicted by the new James Webb Space Telescope images

    The more we know, the more we realize we do not know.
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

    Agree 100%. Buchner will walk into Shoe to start his first game. If I’m Knowles I load the box, bring heat, stuff the run, and make him beat me in the air which he will struggle to do. ND will hit a screen here and there as well as find a mismatch to Mayer a couple times but that will not...
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    If Russia invades Ukraine

    Everything I read is the exact opposite. We must think in terms of short term, long term, and very long term. In the short term their currency is propped up by the central controls and inability to spend as well as the ability to sell O&G. In the long term, as Europe weens itself away from...
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    If Russia invades Ukraine
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    Better Call Saul Final Season

    Yes they did.
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    Ohio State Buckeyes 2022

    I'd feel different if they had depth at QB but they don't. They are starting a true sophomore dual threat in a very pro style offense. His back ups are pretty bad so I'm sure Rees will protect him at all costs and not use him in the run game which is where Buchner thrives. Another aspect would...
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    Global Warming

    No even though data overwhelming points to man made causation.