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    If you are vaccinated and the vaccine works , it shouldn't matter if you are around non vaccinated people. You can't force people to...
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    Perhaps you could just decide on your own if you wish to chance attending a high school football game. Why drag everyone else into your...
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    You are comparing fans of opposing teams with people who are or aren't vaccinated? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: How about this idea...
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    I'd rather not go down the rabbit hole, but I'm thinking that a decent chunk of the hesitancy on some to get the vaccine is the...
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    With only an 8 team league schedule....Bellbrook has fashioned the strongest non-con schedule for this coming fall in school history...
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    iluvsnow replied to the thread RIP Bob Ellis.
    Just heard the sad news......will never forget his feathered chapeau he wore during the team's tournament runs while on the sidelines.
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    Bob "Wiz" Ellis, the longtime head coach of Kettering Alter passed away today. He was 76. Bob died unexpectedly at his home, this...