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    Week 1: Which game(s) are you headed to?

    St. John's Jesuit High School At Dublin Coffman
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    ## Favorite __________________ Points ______Underdog 01 Moeller _______X_____________ 8.5 _______ WASHINGTON (Massillon) 02 St. Xavier ______X____________ 9.5 _______ LAKOTA WEST 03 La Salle _________X___________7.5 ________COLERAIN 04 Mason _____________________4.5 ____X____LINCOLN (Gahanna) 05...
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    Canfield Struthers Girard Austintown Fitch Boardman Poland Ursuline Hubbard Howland Jefferson South Range Labrae Campbell McDonald Columbiana Liberty Salem Medina
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    Winton Woods vs Trotwood

    Good luck Winton Woods!
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    2022 MVL Pick Em Week 1

    Friday Xenia Piqua Eaton Northmont Sidney Tecumseh Bellbrook Troy Miamisburg Saturday Stebbins vs. Aiken Bonus Games Springfield St. Xaiver
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    Well I have been watching a lot of film on TSJ. I must say their qb is legit, he keeps so many plays alive with his legs and has very good vision and arm strength. They also have a huge RB that is a load and runs very hard. They looked very good in both scrimmages. Their defense did give up...
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    Paid to watch a scrimmage tonight

    I made the drive from Dublin to Pickerington Thursday night. 42 Minutes, great night, the Pickerington Central folks were great, they are winners. And it was all FREE!!! Thanks Good Luck this year PC
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    How are the St. John’s Jesuit WR's ? Coffman has two new starters who have played very little defense in their high school career starting in the secondary, and two guys who are active in going for the ball and tackles but give up huge huge plays that played last year. One guy gave up a TD in...
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    They played Three 10 Minute Varsity quarters and One 8 minute JV quarter. Pick Central won the varsity 27-7. Pick Central had Pick Six TD (40yds). Pick Central had a Scoop and Score from a Anderson Fumble. DC defense looked solid, it was 0-0 after the 1st qt. If DC's Offense and Special teams...
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    AHM if you are talking about the DC AD wanting to hire a replacement for Crabtree that ran a tighter ship, then yes. But attendance problems and kids not showing up until Aug last year isn't true. Someone has an ego and is covering themselves after a 4-8 season.
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    I'm just fighting for the players. I guess if he said that to some magazine or in a interview that the kids had bad attendance and didn't show up until August, that is his way of covering himself for a rough year. Lets get serious, what D1 OCC high school would allow varsity players to play if...
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    This isn't true that kids showed up until August. A lot of kids had football camps, travel baseball tournaments, fargo wrestling. They all communicated with the coaching staff about the dates that they would be gone/missing. Stokes was upset that they missed time in June/July. Remember last...
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    Is it from last year or this year?
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    As of right now, he's playing more defense than offense.
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    Dublin Coffman 2022-3

    What would u like to know bro?