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    IVC 2022

    Let the kids that want to play for a community that supports a sport, don't offer the sport and let them go play at another school that cares.
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    IVC 2022

    Only two sports Strasburg cares about, Boys Basketball & Girls Softball. The others get no support from the community or administration.
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    Steubenville vs Indian Valley

    Knowing both teams, Big Red is too physical. BR 35-14
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    DOVER FOOTBALL 2023!!!!!

    Some changes are needed. we have had a losing record twice in the last 3 years. To be a top respected program this can't happen.
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    Week 11: D-III:R9 #15 New Philadelphia Quakers (6-4) Vs #2 Canfield Cardinals (8-1)

    Nice write up,however, Dover wasn't a strong team this year they finished 5-6 an lost to New Phila
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    Dover vs DeSales playoff round 1.

    This is a big game for Dover. A defeat means a losing season, twice in the last 3 years.
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    Too Many Teams in the Playoffs?

    8 teams per region plus just 6 teams each level= 192 teams making playoff, thats enough
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    Regional finals LOL Dover is a 500 team that got beat by a team west holmes destroyed Dover is D2 NP D3 WH D4 Right regional finals
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    Friday Finals (10/21/22)

    New Phila 21 Dover 20 OT
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    Friday Updates (10/21/22)

    New Phila 21 Dover 20 Final Big upset
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    Friday Updates (10/21/22)

    Dover 20 New Phila 14 NP ball in OT
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    IVC 2022

    TCC will never close. They are the only catholic school between Canton-Steubenville-Zanesville. That's alot of territory that would not have a catholic influence. The Columbus D will never close TCC
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    IVC 2022

    Who is the commissioner of the IVC?
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    IVC 2022

    I think the IVC needs new leadership. Why would this game even been scheduled. Where is the leadership in this conference. Somebody should take charge here, and never let this happen again.