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I'm glad you liked my post. I'm sure there were many that didn't. I really do not get it. How is his behavior is tolerated? It's baffling and not the example setter I would allow to work with any student athlete.
you need to calm down and quit stating that other opinions are foolish. This is a friendly thread and I see you coming in like a bull in a china shop. Consider this a warning to tone it down, now. Have respect and post with facts and opinion but keep it above board. Thanks. BlessEmAll.
I'd like to hear about the pitching guy. Everyone can use a little velocity in the off season right?
The coach's name is Juan Espinosa. I can give you his contact information if you are interested. He is out of Franklin. He teaches Top Velocity method which is a lot of stretching, met ball throwing and power lifting. They do dead lifts, squats and some upper body lifting. Has tons of drills developing your hip to shoulder separation and they measure everything.
The Bishop Hartley varsity football team has a home game vs. Timber Creek Regional (Erial, NJ) on Friday, August 30 @ 7:00 PM
Any Thoughts on this one?
Have no idea if this how you send a PM. If so, please explain 78-82.
A message on profile is public. Hover the mouse over the name of a person who want to talk to and start a conversation for private. You'll have to ask Yappi to be positive.

It's the years I worked at the agency. After that I did various contract works through private entities. Same clearance level, different setting.
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Thanks - makes a little more sense now.
No problem. Maybe with a little more education on this feature, more people will start using it.
Are you a Covington coach or a coach that will face them this year?
I am not, I was there to watch some football. Enjoy watching how physical those two school play the game.
Thanks Rux.
I sent a email but I didn’t get a response. I had a ?
Father of three, grandfather of five, and husband of one. Hack golfer and lover of peace and serenity.
I am going to start my own board. It has nothing to do with sports, so it won't be competition.

Do you have any advice on what hosting provider or software to use?

Did you teach your cat to stack those rocks ?
gneiss rocks
gneiss rocks
No, he knows how to stack them but is extremely lazy... That is the look he gives me if I say something stupid when we discuss metaphysics.
Benedictine - Lake Catholic is 18-10 lifetime against the Bengals. , careful or they will be waiting to pounce if Lake would ever close?
What exactly has Trump gained in any meeting with NK so far? What do any of his meetings with any of these dictators accomplish ? SA Turkey Putin Junk Yoon ?
Josh - you should delete the jordan thread - one thing we don't need is political bull being spewed to wresting -