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Great Info. Tim Goodwin. 20 yrs coaching and only one time they didn't make the playoffs (2004). But that year they did beat Versailles, which was state runner up in Div IV. This guy just gets it done.


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That's some great work. Maybe this deserves its own thread (though I'm guessing there has been one on this topic in the past) but I was looking at Solon and see they have not had a losing record since 1969.

Is that the longest current non-losing season streak in Ohio? I looked at most of the schools that I thought may challenge it, and couldn't find one.

On another note, Tiger LaVerde's 99-1 regular season record since 2010 at Kirtland is mind boggling. I know they don't play in the toughest league but do play Cuyahoga Heights every year and play a couple OOC games a year against solid bigger division programs. You kind of already knew how dominant some of the marquee smaller programs have been (Kirtland, Marion Local, Coldwater, Mogadore) but seeing the YBY list really puts it in perspective.