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I know both leagues are mediocre compared to the NFL, but which league do you enjoy more, or which league do you think is better quality. Personally, I was optimistic about the XFL, but as I am watching the USFL; the XFL is just so unorganized compared to it.
I'll watch Bengals 2022 games on YouTube.

XFL and USFL are junk no matter how hard Fox tries to promote them.

I just don't care.
USFL is hosting their second straight title at Canton, and not a peep about it on this forum. Kinda surprising when Canton is talked about as a crazy football town.
They’ll probably get a good crowd again if the weather holds.

Canton itself is a rather tough place to sell anything. The people with money don’t really seem to care about anything that goes on in town. The people in town don’t have any money. Unless the latter is fixed, nothing will likely change.
Neither, both are complete garbage. I wish spring football would go away once and for all, including arena football. The only other pro league outside of the NFL that's worth watching is the CFL.