Who are the Top Ten winningest Head Coaches in your area of Ohio who are still active?

Top 10 winning coaches in the Cincinnati Area most are still active.

Paul Fernandez SWOC ROSS 580Ws 26 years of winning...Retired
Steve Castner GMC Lakota East 500+ Ws HOF Coach retired
Keith Castner GMC Lakota WEST GMC Hall of fame coach 400+ wins Active
Brenda Steiger GMC Fairfield 400+ Active
Brian Kindell Lebanon ECC 400+Ws averages 25Ws per season WOW
Blaine Wallace SBL Will pick up 400 Ws this year Active
Christy Greggory Milford FAVC/ECC 300+ Ws Active
Mike Schiering Harrison SWOC will have 350 at the end of this season Active
Mary Ellen Bonner ECC Kings closing in on 300 Ws
Karen Wiseman McCauley GGCL 200+Ws Active
Liann Muff Mason GMC 200+ Ws Active
Tim Gregory Glen Este FAVC 200+ Ws Retired
Jackie Cornelius Bedel GMC Oak Hills 200+Ws
I may have missed one or two with 200 or more as well. Amazing how many have been coaching 15+ years.
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