What was your telephone exchange name?


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This will be for the older people.

Ours was "MEadowbrook"

Those in NEO will probably recognize the most famous one as "GArfield" thanks to all those commercials way back then.
When I moved to Indiana in the early 60's, we didn't have dial phones. You picked up the phone, and it went something like this: "Operator, this is 424-Blue, I need 626 Red."
We never had an exchange name in our neck of the woods that I recall. Our exchange in the south end of Columbus was a fairly recent one in the late 50's, not sure Ma Bell ever made one up.

TRansylvania 6-5000 would have been a very cool phone number to have. :cool:
I am certainly old enough, but we never had one. I think that was a city thing.

We did have a party line for seven years when we lived in the country.
ours was GOdfry 1-2323, but we would get many calls for GArfield 1-2323. If that number isn't familiar, you've never watched any commercial TV stations out of Cleveland.
Webster and we were on a party line of four when I was a kid. To call someone on your party line you just dial their last three numbers. So to call my aunt and uncle that lived next door you just dialed 607. How is that for remembering?