What’s the highest an alternate has placed at State?

Is Wesley a 7 year old and you're predicting the future or did you mean to type 2022 ?
:LOL:....I had the same thought, but I believe he meant 2003 because this is the one I first thought of when I read the question. I was there when he won his match to guarantee a spot on the podium.
Wesley Taylor was an alternate in 2003 and finished 4th at HWT. I also know that same year he recorded the fastest pin at :14 sec. Pretty impressive
Immediately thought of this one. You beat me to it. HWT at the 2003 Wilmington district was the best talent level I've ever seen at that weight class. Johnson vs. Barrentine in the finals was something else. That's the most people I've ever seen stick around to watch the HWT finals. Place was still packed to the end.
03 Matt Lerer Mentor. 5th at sectionals, got into districts as alternate. Took 2nd or 3rd and then took 3rd at state