Way too early 2022 XC predictions?

Getting ever closer to racing season! Predictions for the year?

I pay closest attention to boys DI, but I'd love to hear thoughts on all divisions for boys and girls.

My boys DI thoughts:
Team race: On paper, Mason looks DOMINANT. Five returning under 16. Seven under 16:25. Probably 15 more eager to join the club. St. Xavier looks pretty strong, especially when you factor in track season (Bohrer under 9:30 indoors, Houchens 9:32 outdoors. Obviously Trapp is a legit #1.). Mas. Jackson, Olen. Orange, Lancester, Dub. Coffman, and Hilliard all look intriguing based on returners and track season. All of these teams look like they have 2-3 REALLY good guys, and whoever develops 3/4/5 could challenge.

Individual: Ackley has been right there for several years now on the track and grass. Looks like this might be the year he gets it. Gableman and Tommy Rice were fire on the track, along with Rudraraju, Allweiin, McGraw, Ricchiutti and Shaunessy. It will be interesting to see if guys like Dyer (4:13), Schweiterman (4:14), Eberhart (4:15/1:54) can translate strong track seasons into podium XC seasons.


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You're right, it is way too early!

Too many question marks to venture a guess, but keep an eye on Lancaster, St. X and Mas. Jackson. If anyone is going to beat Mason I think it will be one of those three.