SWBL news?

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Wow! I wasn't going to go that far. I just see them cry alot on here when things don't work out. Indianfan you are probably related to them. Aint that the Franklin / Carlisle relationship, all related or they marry each other? Lol
This league probably needs to get back to big and small divisions, but would there still be small schools trying to leave if they balanced the divisions back out?

IMO their best possible moves are going to 12 with Ross and Talawanda (Oakwood or Waynesville stays in the big division), or going back to 14 with those two along with Wilmington and Clinton-Massie and lumping those four in with Franklin, Bellbrook and Monroe while moving both Oakwood and Waynesville to the small division.

I think as a stand alone league there is some rationale that could be argued for the big three in the SWBL going in with Ross, Talawanda, Edgewood and pulling in Wilmington and Clinton-Massie. For the SWBL schools, none of them are going to want to ever go to the MVL and be lumped in with schools like Stebbins and West Carrollton should they get ditched by the smaller SWBL schools. The SWOC schools are in a bad league situation. Wilmington and Massie aren't necessarily in the best situation in my book either and I think this would be more desirable for them.
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What would the drive time be from Eaton to Clarksville/Wilmington? I thought the schools were looking to save money? Germantown to Clarksville?
Three Rivers Conference.
Do you know where the Three Rivers Conference is in relation to either of those?
My post was to point out that none of this makes sense and the SWBL is very limited as to who they can get to join outside of Massie and the SBAAC teams.
SBAAC is an awful conference all the way around. From teams to fans to admins to press. It’s almost like being in a league in extreme rural Kentucky. The SWBL is a very marketable conference and there are quite a few schools that would entertain the idea of joining.
I bet it is the absolute deciding factor. Also the deciding factor for inviting others. I can’t imagine that some of these small schools like the way the league is currently split.
I agree I think it would be the absolute deciding factor for those schools that may be invited to join. Most schools I feel are looking for shorter travel yet competitive play that prepares for post-season.

I am curious if we will see a reduction of non-league games now that OH$AA has increased the season to 16 games, (too many games IMO for teenage kids) but I know OH$AA needs to keep the cash register ringing at the kids expense. If basically everyone makes the playoffs then the need to ensure the school has a full 10 game schedule is greatly lessened but an increased need to ensure you are in a good competitive league...
You can't say crybaby or hillbilly on here.... Lol. Moderator will edit your comment. Now that is weak.
You can't say crybaby or hillbilly on here.... Lol. Moderator will edit your comment. Now that is weak.
No, you can't offend other posters using that kind of language. Grow up. This site isn't meant to be a platform for your ignorance. Moderator will also boot you to the curb if you keep it up. Stick to conversation about the game, not what you personally think of a town.
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