Steubenville @ Youngstown Ursuline

This Big Red OL style of play has JoJo written all over it.

UHS Ericson looks great also.
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UHS can definitely win a championship with Ericson at the helm.

Despite the score, this is a great watch.
Ericson getting quite a bit of pressure.Steubenville blitzing off the edge a lot.Irish Oline will have to work on something’s to protect Ericson the rest of the year
As a Big Red fan, I am impressed with Ursuline's QB and RB, but Big Red has not really disappointed me. I see Big Red winning the rest of their regular season games. Ursuline should too. One thing that stands out for Big Red to me is they are making all the stupid penalties they have done for the past few years. The QB needs to build on his confidence but the running backs are doing their jobs well, pass defense needs work, but it could just be that Ursuline is that good of a passing team.
Wonder what happens if they can't get the rest of this game in tonight?
If I was Reno, I would stay until they can complete it tonight or tomorrow early morning.
Which means a 12:05 am restart. I wouldn’t restart tomorrow night.