Saturday Updates (11/12/22)


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D6 R22 @ Medina

(2) Ashland Crestview - 6
(3) Columbia Station Columbia - 6

3:16 3Q

Columbia 96-yd pick six after Crestview burned 8:30 off the clock on the 3Q opening drive. XP blocked.


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Its not my website. But Yappi has requested that people use a separate thread if they are going to go into detail on any particular game. Apparently you missed or ignored the commentary. from a number of people last night about your play-by-play involving players we never heard of, don't care about, and soon forget. Since no one brought the subject up tonight I will be the impolite one to do so.
Apparently you missed or ignored the post earlier in this thread where yappi said he appreciates all updates. You will have to come up with a different excuse to act like a bully. Please do so elsewhere. Most of us only want to read the actual updates, not the childish crap.


Go Buckeyes
McComb drives to the LCC 29. Fumble recovered by LCC at their 30.

Lima Central Catholic 16
McComb 6

11:38 3Q


Go Buckeyes
LCC punting from their 32. McComb faircatches at their 30.

Lima Central Catholic 16
McComb 6

10:14 3Q


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JFK 21 Southern 0 End 3rd
JFK has the ball in plus territory
Southern almost got on the board finally on a deep pass to the end zone ruled out of bounds

Head Linesman

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WB KO to Buchtel Trailing 17 28 WB

Handoff gains 0 yds 2nd and 11
Handoff Chairs gain of 5 3rd and 6 Buchtel on own 35 yl

Commentators on WHBC broadcast are YAPPI followers

Pass on 3rd incomplete to open reciever Buchtel punts to WB 28 10:32 3Q