Saturday Updates (11/12/22)


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Before the game. Coldest game I have ever been to. Metal Bleachers with a layer of ice and snow on them makes for a very cold game.
I can't remember anymore which game was coldest between week 13, 14 or 15 that year. You might be right that it was that week.

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Division IV, Region 15 semi-final

#2 Steubenville Big Red (10-2) 27

#3 Columbus East Tigers (10-1) 8

2nd Quarter 4:32

Big Red blocks Tiger punt recovers at the Tiger 46

Now 46 yard TD pass on next play


Go Buckeyes
Lima Central Catholic 2 yard TD run. Carson Parker. XP is good.

Lima Central Catholic 16
McComb 6

1:29 2Q