Regional Semi-final: West Holmes vs. Van Wert

Who wins?

  • West Holmes

    Votes: 59 62.1%
  • Van Wert

    Votes: 36 37.9%

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First time seeing VW's QB. Haven't seen a guy built like that play QB & Defense who was better on defense since Cade Stover played QB for Lexington one year. The difference is that Lexington team was NOT good. Really impressive.
Yeah, he was by far the best player on the field tonight. The other ball carrier for VW was the second best. He was quick and elusive on runs and catches. WH showed a lot of guts to come back and take the lead, but Pratt was too much for them.

I was trying to imagine these teams against Glenville and I just don’t see it. Avon has a lot more than either VW or WH and they couldn’t get it done against the Tarblooders. But hey, VW gets a shot and that’s all you can ask for. Good luck to them.


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Play calling by the head coach for west Holmes was an absolute joke. Pathetic. Nice play calling on that last series.

Well I give you a little more credit than I figured I would.

I figured you'd go into hiding, at least you're here. Of course I don't expect we'll see anything but excuses and reasons why WH is still the better team, but at least you're here.

Hell of a win Cougs!


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VW QB is a stud was better with his legs than his arm. WH Turnovers and VW linebackers slowing down the run. WH coach choked, kept running his speedy RB up the middle and getting stuffed by the those stud linebackers. Can't believe he didn't try to get him out on the perimeter with screens and sweeps.
I agree you got to use more plays to get #24 in space or out on the edge. Running him between the tackles wasn't cutting it.


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Van Wert sure looked plenty physical on their game winning touchdown pass when the receiver broke 2 tackles and muscled into the end zone.


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Neither team can beat Glenville but nobody in D4 can. I think WH matches up better but still would be no less than a 3 td game.


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Also blowing a 21 point lead?
Dude...time to step away from the keyboard/phone for awhile. Whether it was the INTs, the 2 missed tackles that turned an 8 yard pass into a 40 yard winning TD, of the OC forgetting he could use his stud RB in another way besides running right up the freaking middle (anyone else have flashbacks to "Metcalf up the middle"?) however you look at it, West Holmes was blessed to be within 1 score at the end of the game. That's the take away, your team fought REALLY hard to come back, but they dug themselves way too big of a hole early.


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Also blowing a 21 point lead?

Still an L. After hearing your mouth all year about how WH couldn't possibly be beat by anyone in D4.

Time to go home and listen to mom when she tells you to log off. You're just making yourself look worse.

To the rest of the WH fans who were actually cool and gave real analysis...congrats on the great season. Your boys showed great fight in defeat and it's a shame someone has to lose here. 2 great teams battled it out.

To the others....don't write checks you can't cash. We out here in NW Ohio hear nothing but how we can't compete with "real teams" in Eastern Ohio. We hold pretty damn well. One of these years you guys should pay attention and stop giving us the bulletin board material. We play good football too.


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Don't try that on a Massillon thread. You respond to a post that a Massillon fan posted. give your take and then you are accused of being a troll.
I wasn't even trying to start nothing I was just giving my take. Go figure?🤷‍♂️
Buuuuut I wasn't tho 😂😂😂 you a grown man trolling on a high school football forum nice bud