Ohio Players in 2023 NFL Draft


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Thought it could be fun to talk about former Ohio high school football players that have strong potential to be drafted this weekend.

Seems like the pipeline from our state to the league might be a little smaller than in the past, but still send plenty of talent every year.

Anyone have a particular player/players they are keeping an eye one?
That's two Princeton alumni mentioned in this thread. Johnson should be a top 10 pick. Hines I don't think has had any workouts or team meetings, but very accomplished player with measurables. I think he'll get a shot. Most interesting is that they're both in this year's draft but they are three years apart in high school graduation year. Different paths.
Johnson was only at Princeton about 4 months, but technically an alumni I guess.
Johnson definitely played the “system” to his benefit. St. X doesn’t allow Early Graduation so he went to Princeton so he could graduate early. Then he enrolled at Ohio State early. Princeton and St. X can’t really offer the level of competition in practice that Ohio State can. Then he became a top 10 pick. We often criticize these guys for some of the moves they make but I think Johnson played this perfectly!