Obstruction? Interference? Nothing?


Go Buckeyes
Is this play obstruction by the shortstop? Interference by the runner? Or nothing?

Can the shortstop be considered in the act of fielding a batted ball even after the pitcher has fielded it?
I would say its umpires call as the SS was moving to the ball as the runner was advancing to the next bag had she been standing in the base path the call may have been different. The umpires most likely felt the collision never impacted the play as contact was well away from third base.
Had the runner fell down or, played it a little more she may have been awarded third base though as I have seen ladies awarded bases especially at collisions at first when the defender was standing on the bag or in the base path as the runner advanced creating a collision on balls in play.
The shortstop is shading towards 2nd base. The ball is hit sharply towards the right side of the pitcher (or towards shortstop). The shortstop/fielder has the right of way to make a move on a playable ball, which it was in my opinion as the ball gets deeper into the infield. It is up to the runner to avoid the fielder when making a play on a batted ball. Quick reactions were needed by both the fielder and base runner to do their jobs effectively. To me, the runner need to go behind the fielder, or quickly get past the front of the fielder without obstructing the play. To me, I don’t believe there was any obstruction on the play by the fielder.
The collision happened after the pitcher touched it, not much later. I believe that should be defensive interference.
I have been wrong before not being a licensed umpire. So correct me if I am wrong.