OATCCC Indoor Championships - Highlights - Justin Braun 6.62 OHIO RECORD - Kenna Stimmel 14' 2" OHIO RECORD


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Immediately noted are:

Justin Braun's (Westerville Central) - 6.62 second OHIO RECORD, decimating the old mark of 6.72 seconds. This moves Justin into a 3-way tie for #5 all-time NATIONALLY!

Kenna Stimmel's (Castalia Margaretta) OHIO RECORD of 14' 2", upping her indoor best of 13' 11 1/4" from last year. This moves her into a share of #15 all-time NATIONALLY for combined indoor/outdoor lists!
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Boys' 60m all-time national list:


  • National All-Time Lists - Boys - 60m Top-10.pdf
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Girls' combined Pole Vault national list:


  • US All-Time - Women's Vault.pdf
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We were up there for both days because our guys are D1 and girls are D2. Overall the meet was really well run and some outstanding performances across the board. Indoor T&F in Ohio continues to grow and the competition continues to get better. Props to the OATCCC and those who organized and ran everything for putting this on each year for the athletes.
Here are the highlights for Day 1 (Division I) & Day 2 (Divisions II/III meet) over the weekend.


  • 2022 OATCCC Indoor Highlights - Day 1 & Day 2.pdf
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