New UA Natatorium


UA has opened their new natatorium. 10 lanes and all deep for water polo. The Bears will christen the new pool by sweeping the state water polo titles this fall. Then expect them to do the same this winter in swimming. They now have the finest pool in the state, which is appropriate as beginning this season they will move from being one of the top aquatics program in the state to THE top aquatics program in the state...if not the country! Go Bears!!!!
UA certainly has opened a wonderful pool. As to the finest in the state, not all that certain. StX has renovated their pool and its 50 meters. Nonetheless, UA pool will certainly not harm their aquatics program. I do expect them to be strong in water polo this fall and perhaps a favorite for the championship. Their boys swimming team will likely place second to StX....again and I don't know that the girls can unseat New Albany. Hopefully spectators will be permitted to return this year.
Mason's girls are always pretty good too. But I wish UA luck and congratulate them for building a fine facility. It is always a good first step to building a championship program. Just for my edification, how much thought was put into spectator seating and is the HVAC able to handle a substantial number of spectators. If so, it might be able to host some top level swimming events!